Thursday, 9 July 2015

To Ms Fynes

I must add my voice to yours in failing to understand the real purpose in the CDS letter to you.

The CDS states things such as sexual Harassment of women in the CAF (Canadian Armed Forces) does not exist (2014) but is clearly told by a retired Supreme Court Judge, that it is rampant (2015).

I am at a loss as to understand how Senior Officers of the CAF can stand in judgement of others and have their judgments upheld even after being convicted of being a serial killer. (Russ Williams)

What about all those Senior Officers that promoted this individual. Are there no repercussions for them?

I think the CDS would be better suited to take care of Flight Safety Problems within the CAF (which he has ignored - Ordered to fly CC-150 Airbus on deployment while dagged RED) rather than pretend to have professional counselling degrees regarding complex family matters within the Fynes family.

I think the term is "STAY IN YOUR LANE" or in the CDS's case, understand where your lane is and leave proud mothers of fallen soldiers alone.

If you have an urge to pick on someone with real info regarding the total miss management of the CAF Justice and Flight Safety System........pick me..... not Ms. Fynes.

PS: Where is the Federal Justice system that is looking into this Judicial problem within the CAF?

You have sociopaths / convicted killers handing down judgments. No Senior Officers are held account for promoting this killer and a investigative body employed and under the control of these same senior officers that are told what to find. To find no wrong doing and to produce an outcome favorable to the military.

The book: The Art of War does not describe mothers of dead soldiers as the enemy. This must be a CAF re- write.

As a retired Air Force Officer - I apologize for these insensitive comments from someone who clearly is on his way out.

Ms. Raitt the Min. of Transport took my Flight Safety Report very seriously and has forwarded it in to the MND and others.

Approaching the one year mark since it was filed and still nothing from the CAF.

I guess writing embarrassing letters to fallen soldiers mothers has a much higher priority.

I do hope the door hits your ass on your way out.


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