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  • Lise LeBlanc Perreault as yet they have no idea that I am coming-silently at first,but will fight to the end of what I believe is just and fair.I no longer,can tolerate what we the people,mostly the veterans,unjust fights and red tape,untrustworthy personal,can no longer stand it.By George,I will fight until my last breath.
  • Michael Cole Well said. All we are asking for is the Dignity, loyalty, honesty, integrity and respect (DLHIR)we signed up for... in return. I gave my heart and soul to them because they said that is what they stand for. I will fight along side you until this culture within the military and Government returns. I can't support anyone who asks for my DLHIR with the possibility of my death in defending these values who are not Canadian enough to live up to the same values themselves. The Senate has shown their true colours. The Commander in Chief of the military has too (the Gov General). Waiting till the end of February for the Government. That is when I will have their answer. It is a sad day when the Troops are having to demand DLHIR from their own (I use this term very, very loosley,......) LEADERS????? Are you really? I truly hope you can pull your collective heads out of that dark location on or about your posterior, and start leading and living up to what you teach the troops. I'm going to make a Blog post out of this one. May I use your comments Lise?
  • Lise LeBlanc Perreault please do,it would be my honor-for I also am fighting on behalf of my veteran husband,who can no longer fight for himself.Good luck,everyone,we have to stick together.
  • Michael Cole Thank you. I will make it now.
  • Scott Wood Well said Lise, as I have been saying. It's time to push back.
  • Lise LeBlanc Perreault Let us hope it shall encourage us all to continue each our fights,and also help with the remaining veterans who have fought for years for their rights and to those yet to come for there are still many who are not aware of what they are in for.

Monday, 27 January 2014

TURF WAR - How Low Budget!

This shell game of moving money around is so old. 

The public hears that the Government is trying to help the poor Veteran. The Military can't say what is really going on due to the Military Justice System. After the fact, the Military shuttles money back to the Government saying, they could not spend it.

I am married to a 30 Veteran. Supply Tech (Logistics). Nothing ever happens without good logistics. She used to work with multi million dollar DND budgets during the First Gulf War.

If you think for one second that the Military can't move to fix something if they are given the OKAY, you are sadly mistaken. It is that illusive individual who gives the authorization to move on something, who needs to be identified.

You can't blame the Military as a whole. They are highly trained and very efficient at getting what they are told to do, done.

What we are left with is exactly who and why we have this hold up in staffing. 

I used to fly the Prime Minister. Things I did such as meeting arrival and ramp times, were timed down to the second. I was told to make it happen and I did.

My wife was a supply tech at National Defense Headquarters for the first Gulf War. We needed Night Vision Goggles and we didn't have them. The goggles were found, bought and delivered immediately.

I know exactly how the system works. Veterans know how the system works. That is why they are so frusterated and angry. The politicians know how the system works (or in legal terms, ought to have known). SO EXACTLY WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LACK OF HIRING and WHY?

You find that person, hold them to account and watch the cards fall. The Senate scandle, is a good example for us all to learn from. Don't let that issue die or go away! 

Shame on the individual who is letting other humans die because the treatment they needed, was not available. If this person thinks they are really pulling one over on the public, they are fooling no one. 

I would not want to be anywhere near this person on judgement day. Sleep well. 

The truth always comes out. Now or later, it will come out. When it does come out..............

I'm so glad I am not you.

Thursday, 23 January 2014


Sometimes when you hear something, it just sounds wrong. I was reading these two links: ndling-of-defence-cuts-1.2469381 -canadas-defence-chief-says/
I think the word troop should be replaced by the word Officer. By ratio, Canada is almost over-run with Officers. They are like Cockroaches. At the rate the troops are leaving we will soon have a 1 to 1 ratio of Officers to Troops.

The military always prides itself on being efficient and keeping up with modern trends in business efficiency. A company filled with executives and no plant workers will create lots of overhead costs for shareholders.

There will be an abundance of ideas on how to spend money on required items but with so many executives all trying to make a decision, by the time one has to be made, there is no more money.

By reducing the number of Officers, we could afford more troops, more equipment and waste a lot less money studying things and just buying them.

That is why they had to draw white lines on the floors of NDHQ. This was done after an extensive work hazards study. This 5 year study costing 25 million dollars (less paint) concluded there were too many injuries in the hallways of headquarters.

By placing a white line in the middle of the hallways, the Officers arriving late to their committee meetings would not bump into the Officers leaving early from theirs.

The cost saving measure now implemented, saves an average of 50,000 dollars a year in lost Officer wages. There is a new study now underway to try and find a way to further reduce these costs. The projected budget for this cost reduction study came in at the reasonable cost of 7.5 million over 3 years.

So in real military cost savings for the 8 year, 32.5 million study comes to 32,500,000.00 - 8 X 50,000.00 comes to a loss of 32,100,000.00 (less paint). Now that's the new military culture of business efficiency.

I can now see why we need to get rid of troops and not Officers, we need the Officers to perpetuate the reason why we can't afford troops or equipment.

Monday, 20 January 2014


A free lawyer? How does that happen?

It happens when you get to write your own rules. See you write them in such a way as it seems to apply to everyone equally but you put in a couple of small print exemption clauses and magically the public is fooled again. They think they have something to protect them but really it protects us (the Gov.) from them.

 I guess this applies to Nigel, Mike, that Harb guy and others too many to mention here. They all get 

lawyers paid for by you and me. 




When a Veteran (suffering with PTSD) asks for Accommodation (a lawyer) from Human Rights

you would think the Veteran asked for "special treatment", instead of exactly what they are entitled 

to. I did not write the rules but I can, sure as they are written, follow them.  If the place they want 

take us to is illogical then.....there we shall go!   If illogical is the location in which they have 

designed to function most comfortably, then we must learn how to function there. The battlefield 

is not logical but we learn to function there.  If they do not like where it takes us to, then maybe, 

the rules they wrote, outsmarted them, not us.  Careful, it hurts to fall off that truck.  We know. 

You will too.   KARMA!

A special thank you to Tracy Anne for this one

Sunday, 19 January 2014


For anyone to go forward with legal action, a law must be broken. The next question is: When did you know a law was broken?

An individual who is not of the legal profession would have no idea. An investigation must be done and an outcome determined.

It appears in my situation, none of this has occurred. This is most problematic to the Federal Human Rights Commission. The reasons for this are:

1. No formal military investigation was ever done.
2. No Formal Judgement was ever made.
3. No formal Charges were ever laid.
4. No one was held responsible or accountable for the actions taken.
5. No corrective actions were ever enacted.
5. The repercussions to my mental and physical health because of these over sites, have never been fully evaluated and finalized.

In summary then, since multiple Departments and Ministries have been asked to conduct an investigation and no complete investigation has ever been done then Federal Human Rights Commission (HRC) will have to make the determination, if a law was broken.

If HRC is taking in excess of 7 months to determine whether I am disabled or not then I officially do not know either. My case started in 1997 and is still ongoing. That is a very long time and a lot of pain and suffering.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


The need for service dogs for Veterans with mental health issues, should be as well known to the public as other service dogs such as those for the blind.

I think the Government propaganda staff should take something other than a RAY CHARLES look about and see that an information campaign needs to be commenced.

Maybe those STEVIE WONDER fans over at VAC could take a look into this situation too.

I will be at Federal Court doing their job in the meantime.

Saturday, 11 January 2014


It would not be right to show the Ministers letter at this time. I believe that you can read between the lines on where we stand. The Letter, from Hon. P Stoffer referred to here, was written 25 June 2013.

On behalf of Veterans, would like to thank Hon. P. Stoffer (NDP) & Hon. J. Karygiannis (Lib), for their assistance thus far.

Hon. Minister; Thank you for your response. Although you re-stated the issue at the heart of Hon. P. Stoffers' letter, the issue of Veterans with Mental Disabilities and the civilian court system was not addressed.

It is the "Statutory Authority", of BPA that I question. When issues such as inappropriate document destruction take place and Canadian Forces Administrative Orders (CFAO's) are violated causing these Veteran issues, there are no mechanisms within VAC to assist the Veteran.

Left out of the "Statutory Authority", of BPA, they (BPA) cannot take action against another Government Department who may not have followed regulations. In this case the entire onus is placed on the Veteran, disabled or not, to pursue this on their own. No assistance is provided by BPA.

Having a Legal Department within a Department, only allowed to deal with that same Department exclusively, seems like a very narrow scope in which to work. Self adjudication is at the root of my issues and is in no way aided by your Department.

These are the issues I am dealing with in Federal Court. I am holding; the Military Justice System, the Privacy Commission and Human Rights accountable for their actions. DND and their reactions to my document requests denied VAC and myself the ability to gain the information required to make knowledgeable, timely decisions on my file.

As I did with Hon. S. Blainey, I did state that my issues with VAC have almost been concluded. 

This work was carried out in the most professional manner by two individuals under your employment. Their names are; David Nurse from the Trenton office and most notably, Ms. Josee McIver from your Kirkland lake office.

Mr. Nurse took care of all my immediate needs and after lengthy, frustrating period, the Ombudsman's office put me in touch with Ms. McIver. She, single handedly took care of multiple issues I had and resolved them within a very short time.

Ms. McIver is one of your most knowledgeable personnel and should be commended for her knowledge and work ethics. She knows how to work with Vets to get the maximum done in minimum time. I highly recommend that she be consulted reference dealing with how any re-organization of your department, if any, should be done. 

She is a very valuable asset to VAC and Veterans and she should be commended for all she is doing for you and your department.


Captain (Ret'd) Michael Cole, CD1


Monday, 6 January 2014

Ms Fynes & My Little Secret about Fed Court - Till Now

I notified Ms Fynes last week of the good news. I wanted her and Shaun to have some private time with the news before I told all of you. They have been through so much and out of respect for them, I held off till today.

Ms Fynes has been one of our strongest supporters and has earned my respect. I trust yours too. The news:


Friday, 3 January 2014


I politely requested from the Liberal Party of Canada, their recommendation for the most knowledgeable politician who could help me.

I suffer from PTSD, Generalized Anxiety amongst other mental and physical injuries. The Liberal Party suggested that Liberal Retired Lt General Romeo Dallaire would be most helpful. I thought so too. Here is one of his speeches reference the problems I am dealing with.

I asked him respectfully for help with my issues with DND and VAC that affect The Privacy Commission and Human Rights as it all pertains to mental illness caused by service to our Country. His respose was that "he does not have the knowledge to advise you."

I recently delivered some of my views on Mental Health and PTSD at the National Press Gallery in Ottawa.

I am disappointed that a Liberal, ex-military Officer, would not help a fellow retired Officer. That the Leader of the party, with personal family experience in dealing with mental health issues, has yet to offer help. I must however, thank the Liberal Veterans Affairs Critic, the Hon. Jim Karygiannis, for all of his help and support thus far. He is one very bright star for Veterans to look to, for knowledge and help. Thank you on behalf of all Veterans.