Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Malaysian Air 370 Here??

This could happen over North America. Ex-Military Aircraft Commander of Airbus A-310 files Flight Safety Report about Military Ordering Medically Unfit Pilot's, to fly.

Having over 8000 hours of Global Flight experience, this former Wing Flight Safety Officer is appalled that Flight Safety in the Military is no longer paramount. Do we really want another 911 or Malaysian Air 370 to happen.

Are there to many cut-backs at MOT. Train explosions. Not enough inspections and now Flight Safety is no longer a concern. Passengers are just jumping past security to get a free flight to a Brazil football game and no one investigates medically unfit pilot's being Ordered to fly.

Scary Times.............. Scary sky's!

Investigations cost money! 

The Conservative Government will 
save the CASH and wait for the CRASH!

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