Wednesday, 5 March 2014

One...CENT !!??

Michael Cole; Sadly Michael Blow is right. But computers only put out what they are told to. Sorry a computer did not just dream up a cheque for 1 cent. You want to blame a machine? No blame the TOOL in charge of the department. It is about time that the Military Justice System actually do something and have some charges. Start with the person at the top and not the usual; blame you staff. For Gods sake man, I would like the guy in charge given that as a monthly cheque for the rest of their career. There was a time that honour and good discipline rained. 
But as with our Sacred Obligation, the Guy in Charge of the mess, The Governor General. Our Stand-up guy. Our Commander in Chief is where to be seen. 
My special comments to the leadership of the military (leadership my ass!) on behalf of the soldiers family I say; (see my picture about words)  SHAME ON YOU !

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