Monday, 27 February 2012

The Canadian Legion

I got a call today from the Legion. They wanted more details from me. The very kind person I spoke to had asked if they could use my case as a possible example.

I thought for a moment about some of the things I had done on behalf of this country. Some being: Having the Honor of being the pilot who flew the "Unknown Soldier" back home from France. Having been the only heavy transport aircraft in the air right after 9/11. I was flying the Airbus from Trenton to Gander filled with supplies for those stranded passengers stuck in Gander. Flying the PM, Prince Charles and a multitude of media, Troops into and out of those nasty places. I have done famine relief, volcano relief. Rwanda, both Gulf Wars and the Congo amongst one or two other things.

I of course said yes!!! Again, please make me the "poster child" for how they treat our Veterans. I assured them that they could use any detail from my case K6705156, if it would help even one other Veteran. I had to keep everything to myself before because of my Agreement. After that I kept quiet, out of respect for the Military Institution and Veterans Affairs. I was hoping that behind closed doors, they could finally do the right thing. No such luck.

An old pilot friend once told me; " If you stop smacking your head against it, it will stop hurting!" Such was my situation. It was obviously too much to ask of them to keep this quiet and have this mess cleaned up, "in house" so to speak. Sad.

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