Thursday, 10 July 2014


Having exhausted every last option for an independent investigation into my Flight Safety Report, I am left with three (3) options:

1. Have one of the Minister's in receipt of my Registered Flight Safety Letter, call for an independent investigation. This has not happened and to be honest, I did not expect that level of Law and Order Government, to do anything.

2. Leave it alone until a Canadian Forces Transport Aircraft does crash. At this point the Government will be shocked that something like Ordering medically unfit pilot's to fly was allowed to happen. There will be multiple law suits, investigations and maybe a public inquiry. This all will cost in the Billions of dollars. Don't worry though, it's only your taxpayer money at stake. It will not bother the politicians one way or the other. Oh! I forgot, they will look shocked and surprised to you.

3. This leaves the responsible and professional way of dealing with this to one old broken down RCAF Captain, Pilot, ME! I have contacted the only "INDEPENDENT" Investigative Service allowed to investigate the military, which is the military Canadian Forces National Investigative Service (CFNIS).

So for clarity, the only one, "INDEPENDENT ORGANIZATION" allowed to investigate the military is...........WAIT FOR IT!.....................The Canadian Forces (the military).

Yes, here we go again. The Canadian Forces investigating itself to find out exactly what happened in an independent way

We all know how this will turn out. Mrs. Fynes knows how this will work out. I, with first hand knowledge, know how this will turn out.

This is why we need a REAL.."COMMANDER in CHIEF" of the Canadian Forces. We need someone ELECTED as our "Commander in Chief". We do not need some powerless appointee hack, picked to be an expensive, needless show piece, who is accountable to no one (the GG). Definitely not our Troops or Veterans.

I made an oath. I will keep it.          YOU??


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