Friday, 24 April 2015


The GOOD NEWS is; I have not received a negative response to the request for a Departmental Inquiry from Mr. Kenny reference Administrative and an outstanding Flight Safety Occurrence Report.

The BAD NEWS is; I am now approaching the one year time frame.

Flight Safety being paramount to the Canadian Forces, this Inquiry must be quite extensive.

I look forward to the response from the Minister of National Defense, Mr. Kenny.

DHILR - Dignity, Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Respect. Has our Government, who our military reports to, lost all of these qualities??? The strength it took for this man to stand should show you something about character.

The Governor General appointed Duffy as a Senator from PEI. The PM recommended Duffy as a Senator from PEI and Duffy claimed he lived in PEI.

This must have been another background check done by the DND investigative team for the Governor General.

At least the Governor General knows where he lives because we (Canadian Taxpayer) bought his home and maintain it.

The Governor General should resign since he appointed Duffy - DHILR

17 years later - NQNS (Never Quit Never Surrender) I will wait............

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