Wednesday, 26 September 2012

5168 Days Later and we are Down to: "Yes or No"

Having been in the military for 25 years and having this struggle go on for 14 or so years, I thought it time to make things simple.

My question to DND is a clear simple one. It goes like this. In accordance with the "Terms of Settlement, signed and dated 01 April 1999, it clearly states, with no time constraints, that I could use the information on my Harassment Complaint ( the file) against the Base Commander, for pension and administrative reasons.

Question, DO YOU (DND) HAVE THE FILE! Yes or No? These are the only options here.

If yes, please forward it to me as soon as possible so that I may use it as I see fit.

If no, then DND is in violation of the "Terms of Settlement".

I have been more than patient. About two years worth. It is time for straight talk and straight answers.

I sent Mr. Eric Christensen a copy of our email correspondence since only normal mail has a response time limit on it (30 days). I sent this directly to this person a week ago (approx 20 Sep 2012).

Registered Letter 27 Sep 2012 sent to: MND and Priv Comm.

Will have news within 30 days.

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