Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Day 5161 - A Thank You to VAC Workers

Along with pointing out deficiencies in a system, all of us must admit our own failings and thank those who have gone out of their way to help and show genuine compassion, for those they are helping and have helped.

I wrote a letter today, to the Minister of Veterans Affairs. The letter was not in any way a complaint, it was a heart felt thank you written by me to him, acknowledging the hard work and dedication of some within his staff. Here is a copy of what was written:

As a foot note, I continue to pursue the exact location of the missing file containing all of the documentation VAC needed, but did not have, for my case. This file was supposed to be available for pension reasons, IAW the "Terms of Settlement", in the Queen's agreement. The Commander and Chief is still MIA even though I have made several requests for the Queen's agreement contained in the missing file. I will of course, keep you posted.

Sent to the Minister for Veterans Affairs 19 September 2012‏

9:55 AM
High priority
To dave nurse, Josee McIver VAC Kirkland Lake, MND AIDE, Peter Stoffer/Holley Brown NDP, Peter Stoffer/Holley Brown,, Priv Comm, Vet Advocasy
Sir; As a Check pilot, I was required to give feedback on; good points, bad points and ways to improve. In my dealings with VAC, because of a missing file that was supposed to be held by DND, it was difficult for your staff and myself, to conclude our business. The time and effort expended was vastly increased due to this missing DND file. With that said, the Privacy Commissioner is doing a full investigation and the MND is doing a Inquiry.
Even though these documents were missing, I did retain enough copies of relevant documents to convince your staff of the missing file and it's existence. 

I would like you to know that two of your staff, went well above and beyond in helping me through these difficult days. Their names are:

Dave Nurse: Dave is from the Trenton Office and was/is my case manager. He saw an immediate problem in my situation at the time, and took immediate actions which quite frankly helped save my life.

Josee McIver: She is from Kirkland Lake. Her dedication, attention to detail and warm personality is a complement to your organization. She took the time to read, talk and truly understand my issues. She worked tirelessly on my behalf. She did this even on her personal time, just to ensure I had all the information she promised. She is a very valuable employee and should be afforded all considerations for advancement available. 

I have expressed my thanks personally to these two individuals and I wanted to ensure you were aware of the fine work some of your staff is doing out there on behalf of you and VAC.

Captain (R) Michael I. Cole, CD1

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