Friday, 28 December 2012

"5266 Days Later" - The Score Card and The British

Happy Holiday's and New Year to everyone.

I contacted the British High Commission in Ottawa and requested their help in finding lost legal documents regarding an agreement made between the Queen and myself. My hope is that they can contact my Commander and Chief, the Governor General. I do wish them better luck than I had. Having Sworn Allegiance to the Queen, (as an Officer of the Queen in the Canadian Forces), I would have hoped that he
(the Governor General) would have kept this, as a Canadian matter.  I guess not.  I have therefore asked the British for their help,

My legal agreement was with the Canadian Government and was made on Behalf of the Queen.  Being an Officer of the Queen, it is time to move onward and upward and start dealing with the British, directly.

The Score Card

                          Captain (Ret'd) requiring assistance in finding lost legal documents - Zero (0)
                          Canadian Government - VAC Canada - Helped to the limit of their authority

                                                             - DND - Can't locate legal file and documents

                                                             - MND - Knows of lost documents

                                                             - MP Norlock - No assistance and has not responded to
                                                               Access to Information Request

                                                             - Privacy Commission - Still awaiting an official response

                                                             - Governor General - Registered Letter sent, No Response

                                                             - Prime Minister - Registered Letter sent, No Response                                                                                                    

          British High Commission Ottawa - Registered Letter sent, No Response (Sent just recently too early for a response yet - waiting)                                                                                            

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