Saturday, 13 July 2013


That is enough. This intimidation of young, good hearted, military personnel is over. Kate MacEachern did a long walk last year to support injured troops and veterans.  She did an outstanding job.

Leave aside for now the fact that our proud serving members are having to go out and ask for donations from the public who, through their tax dollars have already given VAC and DND more than enough money. So much so that DND is giving back in the order of 2 Billion a year.

They told Kate that they can't afford the money to support her efforts. So to understand what I am hearing, she is willing to use her only days off to do a walk to help serving and retired military personnel and DND giving back 2 Billion a year can't afford to help her and have asked her to leave the military if she does.

I have lost hearing, nerve function in both legs, my right arm. I have severe hearing loss. I am suffering from PTSD, Generalized Anxiety and Major Depression and I will do the walk for her. She is young and has so much to lose. I am old and broken, but unlike the military brass, that I am having to take to Federal Court over my VAC pension, I still have pride, honour and dignity. I cannot allow this member to be intimidated in this fashion. When I get a green light from her, things will happen. You can count on that. 

Pick on one too many times then, you finally cross the line and are now picking on all of us. In my eyes, and many others, it is time to stop this and say, "enough intimidation!" I welcome the Senior Officer or NCM who said these things to her, to pick on me instead! I am no longer serving, I have earned my freedom of speech and will be more than happy to take on a bully hiding in a uniform. Real Officers would never let this disgrace happen. I am one and I will not stand for it anymore. 

Choose your enemies wisely.

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