Monday, 12 March 2012

VAC in Action - Almost

I called up the Ombudsman's Office to get some answers to a few questions. My first question was have they made a decision yet on my medications. To give you a little back ground, I was authorized 6 pills per month of 20mg medicine. The Specialist doctor gave me an option of either 6 (20mg) pills or a lower dosage daily pill (5mg). When I went to order my pills the Treatment Authorization Unit (TAC) said that they would cover the lower dosage daily pill but, I could only have 6.

I do realize that I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but, it is nice to know that there are duller ones than me at TAC. So to re-cap TAC will authorize 6 pills only. This is regardless of strength. To them a 20 mg pill is the same as a 5 mg pill. Six(6) is the one and only thing to be fixated on.

After some extensive personal investigation on the most complex of issues, I discovered some amazing facts. The length of time it took me, totally untrained in medicines, found out that 20mg pills are 4 times stronger than 5 mg pills. To complete my investigation I did one of those most unbelievable things you could imagine doing at VAC, I asked a question, in person too. The person I asked was helpful, they indicated that surprisingly the 6 20 mg pills cost almost exactly what the daily 5 mg pills cost.

A final summation. I thought about 20 vice 5 mg's and verbalized a question relating to cost and had my answer. Total time invested by me, 15 seconds at the most. To call 1-866 (we know nothing) and ask them to ask TAC (because you can't actually talk or ask a question to a person, this is too time consuming and takes away their time for writing rejection letters) about this issue, write a fax, contact VAC 1-866 (again for an answer) - two weeks later, plus now 4 weeks later and still no answer. Sad. I wonder what the hiring criteria is for TAC? I think my other brother Darrel can get a job there.

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