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"5278" Days Later - Shame on Us All !

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It appeared to be a proud moment for the Canadian Government to spend millions of dollars, educating all of us about the war of 1812. It was exciting hearing about how the new immigrants, Aboriginals and British all banded together to defeat the Americans during this conflict. A proud moment for us as a country.

My, have times changed!


The Aboriginals who fought alongside the new Canadians and being lead by the all powerful British, worked so well together.


The Aboriginal peoples of Canada are having to resort to extreme measures just to get attention to their plight. The British, who made all of the treaty agreements with the Aboriginals are now, not even going to show up for the Friday, 11 January 2013 meeting.

The new immigrants who fought then and now in our Canadian military are having to scratch for benefits or to find missing documents. Some even signed on Behalf of the Queen (British) by the Canadian Government. The Queen's Representative, the Governor General, the Canadian Military Commander and Chief, will not even answer or assist in anyway, one of his troops or Aboriginals  requiring his help.

The Aboriginals have their documents but they are up for interpretation.

Myself, a Veteran, can't get my legal documents, signed by the Canadian Government on Behalf of the Queen. National Defense, (the document holders), so far, can't find them. Without these lost / missing documents, I can't get justice. If they do find them again, they will most likely be up for interpretation too.

Up for interpretation? What? They didn't know what they meant when they (the British or Canadian Government) wrote and signed them?

Shame on us all.

Captain (R) Michael I. Cole, CD1

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