Sunday, 13 January 2013

"5282 Days Later" - I Too am Canadian and "Idle No More"

                                              "WE SEE YOU AND WE ARE COMING"

                                                   I CHOOSE TO STOP PAYING TAXES
                                                      FOR THE GOVERNOR GENERAL:

                                                               I AM CANADIAN

                                            I DON'T WANT TO BE UNDER BRITISH RULE

                                                         I AM, "IDLE NO MORE"

I am Canadian, not British. I don't want to be British, I want to be Canadian. I understand the fondness we all share for our heritage and history with the British but it is TIME for us, as a country, A PROUD COUNTRY, to stand on our own two feet and be counted as equals with all other nations.

Do you know; our Prime Minister has no Command over our Military? Why you ask? The reason is, that all Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers, swear allegiance to the British Monarchy. The British Monarchy is our countries Military Commander and Chief, NOT the Prime Minister of Canada. The Police (RCMP) are Commanded by the British Monarchy NOT the Prime Minister. The Aboriginal Nations of Canada have their original Treaty Agreements with the British Monarchy and not the country, Canada.

So the Prime Minister of Canada has: no Military to Command, no national police force (RCMP) to Command and a large number of Treaties with our Aboriginal Nations, don't have any original agreements with Canada.

A sad, sad situation. All those politicians and no one but the British Monarchy, will stand up and take responsibility.

For the Aboriginal Peoples of this country, I as a Veteran of many war's, am proud to see you stand up and be counted. At war, I had on a Canadian Military Uniform but I was Commanded by the British Monarchy.
As a Veteran, when wounded and asked Veterans Affairs for help, I was initially denied because the Department of National Defense, lost my written Agreement between myself and the Queen (the British Monarchy).

In Canada, the British Monarchy keeps a Representative here in our Country to oversee our military and police along with the Aboriginals. Our own Prime Minister still takes direction from the British Monarchy through their Representative in Canada.

The British Monarchy's Representative in Canada is; The Governor General. He Commands our Military, RCMP and oversees Aboriginal Treaties.

When I asked him for help with my Veteran's benefits and missing documents, he would not even respond. When the "Idle No More" movement asked for a meeting with the Prime Minister and the Governor General together, they refused. Who is running this place anyway?? It is time for drastic change. I STAND WITH THE ABORIGINALS and you can count me in, as a proud Canadian!!  You can COUNT OUT......... THE BRITISH and their GOVERNOR GENERAL.

I don't need him. He has done nothing for me. He has now done nothing for the Aboriginal Nations of this proud country. I pay taxes and I will no longer pay taxes to keep him up there doing nothing for our country, when it really counts.

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