Saturday, 9 March 2013



Things ethically, you can't do:

1. Adjudicate yourself.
2. Make legal agreements and not follow the agreed upon "Terms!"
3. Have no file numbers on documents so they can't be tracked or accounted for.
4. Destroy legal documents unilaterally, in contravention to their "Terms!"
5. Say that these same legal documents could be destroyed IAW PPU 875 (GOV POL) even though
DND had no file number, no tracking system, no idea of the content or "Terms" which did not allow for their destruction.
6. Our Canadian Military's, "Commander in Chief", when asked to help a Veteran, never even responded.

This two tiered system of ethics, one for Government and one for the average Canadian, must change.

Things that were done:

1. VAC has no mandate for their lawyers to assist Veterans to get documents from Government Departments that will prove their Claims.
2. The Privacy Commission has stated that it is okay to destroy documents IAW PPU 875, even though these documents had no file number, tracking system and unknown contents.
3. DND believes that ethically, this is okay.
4. The "Commander in Chief", our Queen's Representative, will not even respond to a Veteran. The "Terms of Settlement", were agreed upon by the Government of Canada on Behalf of the Queen. This total disregard for our military or the Queen's own agreement, SHALL BE ADDRESSED!

Your Loyal Officer of the Queen
Captain (Ret'd) Michael Cole,CD1

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