Thursday, 24 April 2014


I do not understand why highly educated, highly skilled professionals make themselves look silly. It might be that they are missing that common thread that links knowledge with action - COMMON SENSE!
Either they believe that people are expecting them to act a certain way. (What can you expect from a pig but a grunt) or;

They are actually trying to act this way because they think people will believe them. or finally;

They are doing things for malicious reasons to hurt another person on purpose. This is called BULLYING. For example, if you were; bigger, richer and had the power to follow the Rules / Orders or not and if this advantaged person chooses not to follow Rules / Orders to hurt another person less advantaged, this is my meaning.

These Rules / Orders were written for a reason. This is not "Animal Farm". You can't just change or not follow the Rules / Orders because they NOW, apply to you. They apply to us all.

The Government (HRC) does not like the fact that I have become disabled in service to this Country and I have asked for "Accommodation". The reasons for this action escapes me.

Is it because I'm NOT! a: Person of Colour, Indigenous or a Recent Immigrant, My Primary Language is not English, I am a Sex other than Male, My Sexual Orientation is not Heterosexual, I have a Faith Based Lifestyle, with a Physical Disability?  

Is it because I am just a plain old white Canadian Male who served his Country and was hurt doing so? Is that it? I am not an official minority our visible group?

If it makes HRC feel better I AM! a: White, Scottish/British, Heterosexual, Non-religious, Male, with a Mental Disability. Do I fit your criteria for "Accommodation" now?

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