Friday, 17 May 2013

Accountability - Where?

14 years I have been at this with the Government, with most of it being muzzled by the Orders. You would think that if someone sticks at something for so long, something very bad must have happened.

So far, the Government holds to their story that, all the documents, including the legal ones in my case, were either lost or destroyed.
What happened was more than bad. It was shameful  It was not in accordance with the Orders. Yup! those pesky Orders. The ones that get pulled out and thrown at you if you just a trooper.  We are certainly held accountable. If you are a Senior rank, the same Orders don't seem to apply the same.
Mike Duffy, a Senator, doesn't even know where he lives. The Chief of Staff gives him $90,000.00 and from his account, doesn't even know him well, from what the news says.
I'm taking the military to Federal Court for issues with my misplaced documents and the ramifications of that fact. Being diagnosed with a permanent mental disability, the Federal Court, when asked by me for legal help, sent me a book of Court Rules. This is the same as giving someone in a wheelchair, a bag of cement and a book on how to build a ramp. That would still be a bag of cement more than what I got from the Court.
My request is now at the Human Right's Commission. They have not contacted me yet. They have 10 days and I am sure they will take all of them.
There is a little known organization in Canada called, the RCMP. Senators are claiming expenses, being charged for offences. The PMO is handing out cheques to cover re-payments and in my situation, the person who contravened Orders was promoted to the second highest rank in the CF with no charges (Oh, did I mention he made himself the judge of his own case?). I on the other hand was never promoted.

I guess us tax paying Veterans are second class citizens compared to the Senior Officers or Politicians. The laws that govern us do not apply to them in the same way. If they did, the Chief of Staff should be cutting me a cheque for $90,000.00 to cover legal costs. You think that is going to happen????

In my case, the government can't cover this one up. I have enough documentation and tapes of interviews to ensure the exact truth, of what really happened, will come out. I am prepared to put it all on the line one more time but, this time instead of in a war zone, it will be for us second class citizens. The little guy. The Veterans. The 99%!


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