Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Trough!

 Nigel quit. Duffy is calling the RCMP from his cottage in PEI to get rid of

 journalists. Wallin still hangin' in there. Our government misplaces billions of 

tax dollars. They under estimate by millions on purchases of Jets and the  

public should feel no anger or bitterness. What happened to morality as these 

people approach the trough? Does the trough hypnotize them into believing 


they are now God like and untouchable? Some may say that it is a wonderful 

compound and great for growing things. I still call it what it is.......SHIT!


I remember when, a long time ago,

that if you didn't know where you lived, you

would be going for a pschyc exam not heading to the Senate

 for more money. 

1. I remember, a long time ago, that when you claimed something that you 

were not entitled to receive, and got money for it, that was called fraud!

2. I remember, a long time ago that when you gave someone money to get out

of a fraud, that was called, being an accomplace! 

That was a different time...... before that temporary tax was brought in for the 

first world war. It is now 2013 not 1918. I just paid my temporary annual tax 

bill again!! I hope I gave the Governor General and Senate enough. If I didn't,

please let me know so I can go out and find another occupation to help cover

their costs. The poor things, we wouldn't want them to starve.  Especially Mike

 Duffy. He looks a little thin these days, don't you think?

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