Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I have asked many professionals in the field, why if a problem is so obvious to the trained eye, is nothing being done about it.

I had a discussion earlier with a close friend who took exception to my term,"Brain Washing", as I applied it to military training. Without going into the details that are all on my Blog, we finally came to a conclusion in which he was comfortable with. His position shocked me at first but then I began to understand.

People think intense mental conditioning is training, as long as it is for a good purpose. If intense mental training is used for bad things, such as terrorism, then it is called, "Brain Washing".

I was subjected to two different types of intense mental training / "Brain Washing". The first was Basic Training for when you join the military. The second was even more intense and that was pilot training. Now pilot training should be looked upon as fun. As a profession, it is nothing like fun. Your training consists of continuous and repetitive, desensitization. You are so desensitized that you can even perform under the most extreme situations and never feel even one emotion. There is no time or room for emotion.

A perfect example of this is Captain Sullenburg (sorry if I spelled it wrong- he is a hero of mine). Just after take-off, he flew into a flock of Geese. He lost both engines, talked to Air Traffic Control. He directed his crew. Deployed his alternate hydraulic system. Flew the aircraft. Had it configured for a water landing and did it all in about 2 minutes.

Impressive. Unbelievable. Remarkable. Yes it was. All that and more. It happened because a highly intelligent person was desensitized to the actual situation. So desensitized that it was just almost routine. And sadly, it is for pilots. That's what happens in simulators. They are complex desensitization machines.

So, is this intense mental conditioning or "Brainwashing"? Is there a difference?

My last question for us all to ponder is; A lot of highly skilled mental professionals put years of research into manipulating the human mind to react to life threatening situations in predictable ways. Why then, when an organization knows that one of there members is going to return to "normal life", are they not given the same intense mental conditioning to deprogram or re-sensitize them from, the conditioned response reaction?

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