Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Simple communication is the key. Cpl Kirkland did it. The MND did it also. The Senior DND Staff did not. Why?

The Cpl told us his story in simple straight forward terms. Listening to the MND, he seemed to be clear. Why the dis-connect with the Senior Staff at DND?

I have told my story here and to anyone who listens. I have never been able to speak publicly about it, why? The media knows. VAC and the Royal Canadian Legion know. The PM, MND and Governor General (Commander - in - Chief), DND and VAC know. My MP knows. The NDP and Liberal parties know. I never heard back from the Greens. The Justice, Human Rights, Privacy, Ethics and Alternate Dispute Resolution (DND) Departments know.

So many stories about Veterans (Military and RCMP), being mistreated. Hardly a day goes by that you don't hear something about it.

I just want to talk in simple, straight forward communicative style. I have documentary proof about what happened to me and my history with DND and VAC. I will be honest and factual. Simple.

Why?, Why is my story so radioactive that no one wants to touch it? I do not understand.
I am being rhetorical in that comment.

I do understand why. It is because,

it is the truth and you can't fight that.

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