Monday, 25 November 2013

Inspiration - Thank You

Duck!...INCOMING! (Not what I had envisioned)

Yes I am back. Some I am sure will not be pleased but, I must say I have learned so much more about the Vet crowd out there.

As a lot of us know all too well, sometimes the never ending battle for things that seem so easy to understand is tough. I'm not quitting. I don't quit. What I do is take stock, change my para-dime and go back in.

The one thing that did strike me and warm my heart was the fact that my little stories were being listened to. Thank you for all your kind notes and messages.

For the latest, I have written a paper dealing with the harmonizing of DND with VAC. It deals with the fact that the military member having lived in the work environment based on the principle of Single Point of Contact (Your immediate supervisor is responsible to you for helping you through a problem), need this structure when starting with VAC.

I will expand on this during the week but I hope the VAC Committee will adopt this approach. I am working with Mario from St. Hubert and I have a picture here for Louis. Till I write again,

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