Thursday, 23 January 2014


Sometimes when you hear something, it just sounds wrong. I was reading these two links: ndling-of-defence-cuts-1.2469381 -canadas-defence-chief-says/
I think the word troop should be replaced by the word Officer. By ratio, Canada is almost over-run with Officers. They are like Cockroaches. At the rate the troops are leaving we will soon have a 1 to 1 ratio of Officers to Troops.

The military always prides itself on being efficient and keeping up with modern trends in business efficiency. A company filled with executives and no plant workers will create lots of overhead costs for shareholders.

There will be an abundance of ideas on how to spend money on required items but with so many executives all trying to make a decision, by the time one has to be made, there is no more money.

By reducing the number of Officers, we could afford more troops, more equipment and waste a lot less money studying things and just buying them.

That is why they had to draw white lines on the floors of NDHQ. This was done after an extensive work hazards study. This 5 year study costing 25 million dollars (less paint) concluded there were too many injuries in the hallways of headquarters.

By placing a white line in the middle of the hallways, the Officers arriving late to their committee meetings would not bump into the Officers leaving early from theirs.

The cost saving measure now implemented, saves an average of 50,000 dollars a year in lost Officer wages. There is a new study now underway to try and find a way to further reduce these costs. The projected budget for this cost reduction study came in at the reasonable cost of 7.5 million over 3 years.

So in real military cost savings for the 8 year, 32.5 million study comes to 32,500,000.00 - 8 X 50,000.00 comes to a loss of 32,100,000.00 (less paint). Now that's the new military culture of business efficiency.

I can now see why we need to get rid of troops and not Officers, we need the Officers to perpetuate the reason why we can't afford troops or equipment.

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