Monday, 27 January 2014

TURF WAR - How Low Budget!

This shell game of moving money around is so old. 

The public hears that the Government is trying to help the poor Veteran. The Military can't say what is really going on due to the Military Justice System. After the fact, the Military shuttles money back to the Government saying, they could not spend it.

I am married to a 30 Veteran. Supply Tech (Logistics). Nothing ever happens without good logistics. She used to work with multi million dollar DND budgets during the First Gulf War.

If you think for one second that the Military can't move to fix something if they are given the OKAY, you are sadly mistaken. It is that illusive individual who gives the authorization to move on something, who needs to be identified.

You can't blame the Military as a whole. They are highly trained and very efficient at getting what they are told to do, done.

What we are left with is exactly who and why we have this hold up in staffing. 

I used to fly the Prime Minister. Things I did such as meeting arrival and ramp times, were timed down to the second. I was told to make it happen and I did.

My wife was a supply tech at National Defense Headquarters for the first Gulf War. We needed Night Vision Goggles and we didn't have them. The goggles were found, bought and delivered immediately.

I know exactly how the system works. Veterans know how the system works. That is why they are so frusterated and angry. The politicians know how the system works (or in legal terms, ought to have known). SO EXACTLY WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LACK OF HIRING and WHY?

You find that person, hold them to account and watch the cards fall. The Senate scandle, is a good example for us all to learn from. Don't let that issue die or go away! 

Shame on the individual who is letting other humans die because the treatment they needed, was not available. If this person thinks they are really pulling one over on the public, they are fooling no one. 

I would not want to be anywhere near this person on judgement day. Sleep well. 

The truth always comes out. Now or later, it will come out. When it does come out..............

I'm so glad I am not you.

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