Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Official Complaint Filed With VAC Ombudsman - Missing Documents

If anyone needs info for access to this: Reference NO: 12-3680-149 filed electronically, 28 May 2012.

Veterans Ombudsman Online Complaint

Complaint Summary - Most Recent Step Taken So Far

My initial application for benefits delayed for an excessive period of time due to relavant documents not available.
NOT FOUND: Letter from CDS to me and other Senior Officers
NOT FOUND: Agreement Between myself and the Queen on behalf of the Government of Canada.
Privacy Complaint Filed: Investigation done by Senior Investigator. Documents, NOT FOUND

My Request of the Veterans Ombudsman

How can Veterans prove their cases, if important documents are untraceable and go missing?

I am not a historian but, I believe strongly , that these documents must be at the National Archives or DND.

I kept my copy.

If I did not, my case, would not have been successful.


If the Canadian Government can misplace documents of such significance, what happens to other veterans documents?

The Governor General of Canada has been contacted by me. I asked him to look into this situation. He is by default the Commander and Chief of the Canadian Military and, the Queen's Representative.


I am requesting your office (VAC Ombudsman) help me get to the bottom of this situation by supporting my request of the Governor General. (He was first contacted March 2012 - receipt acknowledged and again, 2 months later by Registered Mail. No reply, just Canada Post Confirmation)

I will be available, 1400 hrs, 06 June 2012, at the War Memorial, to answer any of your questions. I hope my work helps others looking for documents held by the Government.

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