Saturday, 26 May 2012

Request for Ombudsman to Follow-up on GG Letter

Email sent to GG acknowledged receipt, requesting the GG investigate loss of documents listed above. GG covers Queens Documents and in Commander and Chief of Military. Most appropriate person to investigate (head of both).

No Response from GG Office after original acknowledgement.(March)

Called GG Office 2 month's later and no record of acknowledged email. There was no record of me contacting the Office of the GG even though I sent a REGISTERED LETTER to his Office and it was signed for by B. Benammar, 03 may 2012. Three months have now passed and I would like your Office to find out what exactly is being done. Losing these documents resulted in significant delays in receiving Veterans Benefits.

A complaint was filed with the Privacy Commission and an investigation was carried out by them. I was dis-satisfied with their initial investigation since letters from the Queen and CDS just do not go missing.

I responded to the Privacy Commission by REGISTERED LETTER signed for by B Wright 25 April 2012.

Requesting action. Following up with Eposting so this does not go missing too.

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