Thursday, 26 September 2013

Great Progress in Winnipeg

Well besides all the usual honks waves and thumbs up on the road, our stop in Winnipeg was extremely productive. I have to send out a special thanks to Kathy and Margot from Hon. Jim Karygiannis's office. I had a great meeting with Bill Blaikie of Winnipeg and I received media help from Brian Koshul.

CBC Radio came through with an interview in the morning of the 25th. That evening, Geoff Currier of CJOB, went out of his way to accommodate Veterans and the issues we face by giving me an extended interview. I even received an invite back to continue the discussion. I very much look forward to that. Geoff is a great host and interviewer. It will be a pleasure to come back and pick-up where we left off.

Although the Free Press was understaffed, they took our information and hopefully will produce a well investigated article.

Sadly it is time to go. Lillian's father is very old and sick. He is in a home just south west of Winnipeg. We are going there and after she is happy with her visit, we will be west bound. Location is based on how much time we spend with Lillian's father.

Map for 26 and 27th Two Days in Calgary

Drive Tune

Drive Tune 2

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