Sunday, 29 September 2013


Well I left on this journey on the 30th Aug. Been quite a drive. I left Calgary this morning and took a little detour. I went from Calgary to Lethbridge. The reason for my detour was to see a kind gentleman who has been let down many times. I just could not bear to allow him to think that all of the Veterans had deserted him. I was true to my word with him. I sent him a copy of my book and had promised I would see him during my drive.

We had a great get together at the Tim Hortons. I gave him a T-shirt. We talked for almost an hour and we were off. I was happy that he now realizes that all Vets have not left him completely. I will help him in the future with his situation. This was one more thing that made this trip so very worth while.

I am currently in Fernie, BC. My drive ends, if all goes well, in two days. Map and tunes below. I did a Global TV interview while in Calgary but it has not been posted yet on the internet. Tomorrow I hope.


Drive Tune 1

Drive Tune 2

Drive Tune 3


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