Monday, 11 February 2013

"5311 Days Later"- Silence is Golden (Tactical)

It has been quite some time since the "Lead Investigator", at the Privacy Commission, finished his report into my initial "Formal Complaint", into 5 missing documents. Since these 5 missing documents should, be within the entire file, the "Formal Complaint", into the entire missing file is delayed.  What? Yup, you heard it here first. As I understand it, DND needs more time to find the file containing the 5 missing documents which have been confirmed as, missing.

I am glad I never got bogged down with that Collage Degree thing. I think that someone has over-thought this one by........let's just say, "a country mile."

Let us do a quick recap without the benefit of an RMC (Royal Military Collage) Degree.

1. Confirmed, the main 5 documents from the file are missing

2. The report into the 5 missing documents has been completed since before, 05 October 2012. That would be, "130 plus days ago." Can't blame the investigator because he doesn't have the final say. His bosses do.

3. Since the main 5 documents are missing, it only makes sense that the entire file containing these 5 missing documents must still be around since DND needs more time to find it. This is, as I understand it,as explained by the Privacy Commission Investigator.

As a final note, I am asking for nothing monetarily from DND or my MIA (Missing in Action), Governor General (Commander and Chief, Queen's Representative for Canada). I am asking for a couple gold ribbons and a bobble (medal) to hang from my chest. It's cost is minimal. (I will even pay for the cost of making the medal).

So as we Re-Cap again: 

1. 130 days plus have passed on a decision that costs DND nothing.

2. 130 days plus to sign off on an investigation that will cost DND nothing.

3. 130 days plus that the complainant  suffering from Generalized Anxiety  and Major Depression has been made to wait (This does not include the total time since my first document request)

4. 130 days plus for DND to decide on a couple ribbons of gold and a medal. Grand sum total cost.......;...

If I had a Collage Degree, I too would find this maze of facts difficult to comprehend or to follow. I'm glad I do not have a Collage Degree from RMC and cannot see why they want to keep their options open

Therefore it appears that;
Now that makes sense!

DND's silence must be because of some (to myself), as yet undiscovered, TACTICAL reason. 

Maybe if they make the poor Veteran with Depression and Anxiety wait long enough, he might reduce his demands for resolution.

They are of course outlandishly expensive terms                   NOTHING, ZIP, ZERO, NADA

Glad I missed that valuable Tactical Class at, " RMC."  

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