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I Truly Think We Have Something Started - Let Us All Speak

For Our First Nations Peoples  I, Michael am, "Idle No More!"

DHILR - If you know my blog or have followed my Facebook page, you will know what this abbreviation stands for. If not, it stands for: DIGNITY, HONESTY, INTEGRITY, LOYALTY and RESPECT.

NQNS - Again, for those that have been followers you will know it's meaning. If not, it stands: NEVER QUIT, NEVER SURRENDER.

I will be using these acronym's to try and understand some current media events and relate them to us, the common person (not the so called elite).

I do not believe it is just me that thinks this but, it appears that there is two tiers of justice in this country. One for me, the common Canadian and one for the elite. For example; if Mike Duffy (ex-CTV) was a corporal in the military and he made this oversight, or was confused about where he actually resides, the Senior NCM would be told to march the guilty bastard in and tell him to forget about his hat. In the Commanding Officer's Office, there would be a quick question and answer period and a charge would most likely be laid for falsifying documents. That is for us. Our justice system.

In stark contrast, as a non - elected Senator, Mike Duffy can sit at his kitchen table, decide where in fact he resides and then pays back some money to the tax payer, to get ahead of the audit. I believe I heard him say the wording was ambiguous or confusing. If the question of, "where do you live?" is confusing to Mr. Duffy, then maybe the Sober Second Thought Chamber (the Senate), is not for him.

If a Corporal in the military loses important legal documents, the military police and National Investigative Unit would be all over it. If our Government Officials do the same with equally important legal documents, the common Canadian hears nothing from the military police, National Investigation Unit. Nothing from their MP, Office of the Secretary to the Governor General and nothing from the Canadian Archives or Courts. Why is there a difference? Am I nothing and Mike Duffy is everything to our Government? If I ask for help as a Veteran regarding documents signed by the Canadian Government on Behalf of the Queen, and they can't be found, what has been done as far as an investigation?

I will tell you what happens. Read my blog.

As a regular Canadian. A tax paying Canadian. A law abiding Canadian. A Canadian Veteran with Honourable Discharge. Am I so unimportant to the government that, even though I suffer tremendously everyday with Anxiety and Major Depression from my service to this country, I get no help in getting these legal documents.

I think the flaw in my situation is the term, "regular Canadian." If I was a Senator there would be action but since I am just a regular Canadian, I get nothing. No help. But!  If it was a whole group of regular Canadians, maybe even thousands and thousands of regular Canadians, the Government who receives it's pay from us, regular Canadians, (not just Senators, Governor Generals or the elite), then they would have to take us more seriously!! It has happened recently in many other countries. Maybe ours is headed that way too.


Whoever in Government, who is not both (Responsible and Accountable) should be told to leave. We as regular Canadians don't need to pay the $139,000.00 expenses for the Governor General. He get's free accommodations and I think the Provincial Governor Generals and Senators are in the trough as well, it appears. Shame on you. You are no better than anyone else. If Senator Romeo Delaire, An Ex UN Commander in Rwanda. (The guy I flew supplies into Rwanda for), can be helped. Why then, will he not help me or other Veterans and regular Canadians?

Twice in the last week or so, I have read two different views about Canada and our Government, that are BANG - ON. One was from the, "OUR DUTY", President and the other was from a gentleman by the name of, Michael Detheridge (I asked if I could use his writings in advance and he was happy to assist - Attached below).

By Michael Detheridge to Michael Cole

Michael Detheridge
Hey Michael:
Yes, please go a head and use my input. I would be honoured Sir!
In the US the President and Commander in Chief is both Head of State and Head of Government. He has all the power as the Commander in Chief.
In Canada our Head of State is a non-elected Queen represented by the Governor General and Commander in Chief. He is appointed by the Queen on the advise of the current Prime Minister. The Governor General is a figure head just like the Queen is in Britain or when she visits Canada.
Now the Prime Minister and Cabinet do advise and tell the Governor General everything but the Governor General has to act on advise in Canada because he is not elected by the people. The same is true for the Governor General when acting as Commander in Chief (technically the Queen is Commander in Chief but since she does not reside here in Canada the Governor General fills in full-time) acts on the advise of the Honourable Peter Mac Kay, Minister of Defence. He advise and consults with the Canadian Commander in Chief but in the end the Minister had the power.
The Governor General has only three real powers: the right to be consulted, to warn and be advised. In all circumstances he, the Governor General, even as Commander in Chief, has to act on advise, sign, sign bills and do what he is asked to do. Even though the Governor General is our Defacto (acting) Head of State, because he is not elected he must let the elected officials rule the country. The same thing happens in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and 12 other countries where the Queen is Head of State.
So bottom line in our country the Head of Government, the Prime Minister, has all the power. He shares it with his Ministers, like Peter Mac Kay.
See, now you can see how confusing (and stupid) our system is. The Governor General is just like our Senators, useless. However the Prime Ministers in Canada like it this way as Canadians will blame the Governor General and not the Prime Minister.
You are most welcome for the support and understanding and it is there anytime you need it! I have a great deal of respect for you. You care about others and fight the system. I just wish more people would do that. You stand up and fight for what is right in a system that is very wrong.
If you want more information on the Governor General and Commander in Chief, His Excellency The Right Honourable David Johnston, just Google Roles and Responsibilities of the Governor General of Canada and then click and read.
Most Canadians do not realize how many people the Prime Minister puts into useless positions every year across Canada. All ten Provincial Lieutenant Governor live in splendor like the Governor General but have zero powers just like the GG, Senators, senior civil servants, heads of government corporations, etc.
Take it easy my friend and enjoy the weekend!

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