Sunday, 7 April 2013

ADR - Before The War Starts Again Monday

It is funny, when you walk into National Defense Headquarters, you see a line down the centre of each hallway. I just had to ask and the response floored me ...Pardon the pun!

The answer was; "the line is there so the people arriving late don't bump into the people leaving early". Fitting but not quite true.......I mean, there is no real line on the floor.

I had quite a week with the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) People. If it wasn't so maddening, it would have been, hilarious  I called the ADR people and said, why don't we talk this out so it does not escalate. The first gentleman  I spoke to, was very enthusiastic. He indicated that things would get going and  I would be contacted within the next, 24 hours. Great  I thought.; 27 hours later, I had to call the office and this same gentleman said that he had passed it off to a co-worker and he was so excited to tell me about his impending trip to.....wait for it...... Camp Borden wherever that is. I didn't know the military was camping these days in Borden but,  I guess they are.

The next person who I spoke to, the co-worker, had no idea about my situation but would get right on it. As a great surprise to me, nothing happened. My wife decided to call a more senior person and left a message. Another day goes by. The following day, a senior person from the department called me explaining his health problems and that was why he never called. The person I did speak to who said was going to get right on it, took the day off and did nothing.

I was so impressed with the service I was receiving, that  I told that office, "to not bother anymore". ( not as if they did anyway). I called the Ottawa office. I explained my situation and they would get back to me. When my assigned mediator finally contacted me, my name had somehow changed to Peter.

I wrote back and said that Peter does not live here but if you have a message for Michael,  I am here. I received an email back explaining the complexities of multitasking and she was sorry that she didn't get  my name right. She also indicated that she was off for the weekend and would call; late Monday.

Remember the line on the floor at NDHQ? 

It comes to mind, does it not?

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