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ADR Process- Alternative Dispute Resolution Process (So You Think)

What Was Said ,     What Was Done ,    Do You See A Difference?
Have you ever seen a hamburger commercial? You know, it looks so big and juicy.  All the veggies are fresh and green. The bun is so fresh, you would think it just came out of a street bakery in France.

You go to the take-out window, order one of these culinary delights, and what do you get?? Two all made of something patties, and unrecognizable sauce . Vegetables with no taste and a seed covered squished bun that's freshest part is, the Jurassic aged seeds on top.

I get this same feeling when I go to a Government web sight  The ability to put their capabilities into a written form defies even Stephen King, I bet. If you just call the number, you will almost feel the earth move beneath your feet. That is how quickly and with such determination, these people work.

Like my hamburger story, real life government drive-up window is just the same but different. What they do is tell you what they could do if you did it for yourself. The departments role is to convince you that this is the most efficient way to get things done. Here is my most recent example.


From: Michael Cole [] 
Sent: Tuesday, 9, April, 2013 18:29 PM
To: Foley LS@CMP DGADR@Ottawa-Hull
Cc: Arts HM@CMP DGADR@Ottawa-Hull
Subject: RE: Michael Cole
Linda; I just wish to summarize or re-cap where I believe we are:

ADR Process - What you need to know about the mediation process

With the assistance of the mediator, the parties:

  • develop Guidelines for their conversation that will help them have a respectful and productive discussion;
ME: I have indicated that email for recall and clarity would be best for me. You have not indicated what the military wants.
  • identify the issues to be addressed and exchange all relevant information;
ME: I have identified all of my issues to Major Christensen and ADR Kingston. I have even provided paperwork to ADR Kingston and they contacted the Base Commander Trenton. I have not heard what issues DND is prepared to discuss nor have I received their file on the last ADR process. You have given me no information about DND at all. Do I concider this your offices way of handling disputes as one sided? Where is the military position and documentation? I look forward to their response in kind to mine.
  • explore their interests, hopes and concerns;
ME: I have expressed, in detail, my interests, hopes and concerns to Major Christensen and the Privacy and Ethics Commissions. I have heard nothing relayed through your office to me from these parties.
  • describe and record the solution they chose in an agreement that is satisfactory to all.come up with a variety of options, assess them and select those options that are acceptable to all and best resolve the issues at hand;

ME: Maybe you are right. I am a veteran with permanent disabilities, trying to solve a complex problem on my own. It sounds like, neither DND or you are interested in helping.

I am proceeding ahead to Federal Court as I indicated to Helen earlier. I will go with the knowledge that, at least I tried to get a resolution at the lowest levels possible. I have indicated to you, Major Christensen and MGen Hood of my position and resolution.

I do not work for DND and do not have a in my email. I believe that no effort from your office, is a sign to me and other disabled veterans, of the assistance expected.


Captain (R) Michael I. Cole, CD1


From: Foley LS@CMP DGADR@Ottawa-Hull 
To: Michael Cole <> 
Cc: Arts HM@CMP DGADR@Ottawa-Hull 
Sent: Wed Apr 10 08:59:11 2013
Subject: RE: Michael Cole 
Good morning Michael,
I understand from your preceding email that you have decided to resolve your situation using other means.  Please do not hesitate to contact us in the future should you require any assistance we can provide.
Respecfully yours,
Linda Foley 
Senior Conflict Management Practitioner|Praticienne principale en résolution des conflits 
Department of National Defence|Ministère de la Défense nationale 
Dispute Resolution Center - National Capital Region|Centre de résolution des conflits - Région de la capitale nationale 
222 Queen Street, 6th Floor|222 rue Queen, 6e étage 
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K2 
Phone|Téléphone: 613-992-1095 


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