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I am going to write this blog in much the same format as my Book,"From Over The Fence." I will try to make it informative and fun to read. I will try and pass on as much information as I can so you can follow the drive, drive with me (in your own car/truck/bike...etc) or give your opinions to your MP, Veterans Group or just support the fine people at the Equitas Society, in their fight for; Justice, Fairness and Equity.

Both myself and my wife are ex-military. My wife, nicknamed,"the wife", for my heath reasons properly referred to as Lillian, retired as an RSM or Master Warrant Officer, of 30 years. I myself served 25 years. I retired a Captain. Lillian's trade was Supply and mine, Pilot.

Now try and imagine 55 years of military training, trying to plan organize and execute a cross Canada drive. It was not pretty. Actually, it was fun. A lot of marital jabs and rank related comments but, we got it done, kind of.

It is the night before our departure. Just need to load the truck and go. Simple. Not really. You see, a Supply Tech needs to know exactly where everything is. I on the other hand, see a lot of stuff and everything should be there. Departure was planned for 0700 hrs. That is military for, really early. The reason I say that is because of all the loading and last minute double checks, it will take about 2 hours to get gone.

At 0825 hours, standing in the driveway, I had a clue that we were not going to depart on time since we are already almost 1.5 hours, behind schedule. With my humour still intact, we carried on and smartly pulled out of the driveway right on time, at 0916 hrs. Bless her heart, my wife was desperately trying to ensure we did not forget anything. The night before while trying to fall asleep, I had mentioned two things, above all else, we must not forget. Having helped with all the packing and loading, taking care not to piss-off my RSM, as we pulled out of the driveway, I thought I should just ask if she had remembered to pack those two essential items. That was our first 180 back home. Luckly that was to be our last.

Twelve and a half hours later we arrive in Edmunston,NB. Tired but happy. I had looked at the forecast and the rain along our route was supposed to have moved south of our track but, it had other ideas. Mountains, rain and darkness was not a fun way to finish our first day but it was satisfying that we were finally on the road.

Day 2 was nice, relaxed and scenic. Departed at 0926 and arrived in Maramichi, NB at 1440 hrs. Spent the rest of the day with future planning and preparation and postings. Looking forward to showing Lillian PEI over the next 2 days.

01 and 02 Sep MAPS



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