Sunday, 17 June 2012

The DND VAC Paperwork Shuffle

Sadly I must say that there is another one for the record books. This one is so incredible, it defies explanation and accents the almost comical problems at DND and VAC.

The last sentence from my first paragraph sums it all up. DND and VAC are separate....kind of. DND supplies VAC with the requested documents so that Veterans can prove their claims. If documents just happen to go missing from DND, you as a Veteran, lose. This is in most part what happens. In the odd situation, the Veteran has kept a copy of the documents that don't exist and VAC is then allowed to make a new decision, over turning their last.

Wait!!!! It get's better. If the Veteran finds out information after VAC has decided to reject their claim, and subsequently proves the claim is factual, the Veteran is again punished. Why you ask? Because, the new decision is not amending the old one it is a new one which gives you what is known as a,"Decision Date." This has nothing to do with when you filed your original application and they got it wrong. No! it is from when you, as a Veteran, found new information and they could now not disprove your claim. Nothing is back dated. Your Decision Date starts when they decide, after your appeal or multiple appeals are successful.

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