Thursday, 7 June 2012

Looking For Assistance

I have asked from CTV news to cover my story. He has followed my information from the start and it is only fair that he should have the first opportunity. If he declines, then I am wide open to offers.

The second area where help is needed is in the legal department. Because of what has happened in my grievance process and the large numbers of Senior Officers who decided not to assist me as required by CFAO's, I am looking for a civilian lawyer to take this on. BPA and the Legion are both paid for by the government and that is who I am fighting. I would ask them under my particular circumstances, to pay for a civilian lawyer but, they won't because they can't control them through their pay cheque and thus the NVC comes through again for the Veteran.

This case covers the CDS, Queen and Orders as written. If you are interested, please contact me below.

Captain (R) Michael I. Cole, CD1
TWITTER: Michael Cole @michaelthebobs1

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