Monday, 4 June 2012

We Finally Have Contact With Governor General's Office

Thank heavens! I finally got a hold of a real person. A very pleasant chap by the name of, Antoine Morin. He seemed very genuine in his wishing to follow-up on my correspondence from March as well as the Registered Letter sent and received in May 2012. We started our talk at approx 15:15hrs and finished at 15:30hrs, or so..

He politely requested 24-48 hours to find out about the information requested. I gave him my sympathies since I have been at this since 2010, and said that this would be no problem for me.

Re-Cap of Where We Are: The Score Board if you like:

1. Veteran of 25 years service to our country, "0"

2. Others in Government, "perfect score thus far."
These Include;
a. DND
b. DND Access to Information
c. Access to Information Commission
d. Veterans Ombudsman's Office

Those listed in a. through c., said that the documents requested, did not exist.
Those at d., said that it is not a Veteran's Affairs issue. The fact that missing documents don't matter when they delay benefits to Veterans is not something they help with. (See Formal Complaint 12-3680-149)

I have "THESE DOCUMENTS THAT DON"T EXIST." We can only play hide and seek so long. As a reminder to all of the public servants out there, if they can loose these documents (Letter from CDS Chief of Defense Staff and Queen) then how do you think you will be treated, if you have a dispute with the Government.

The truth will come out! I just wonder who will be in the hot seat when it does? I sure wouldn't want to be that person.

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