Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Open Letter to Minister of National Defense - Inquiry

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9:45 PM
High priority
To dnd_mdn@forces.gc.ca, ombudsman, Peter Stoffer/Holley Brown NDP, Peter Stoffer/Holley Brown, GG, GG!
Open Letter to the Minister of National Defense
(By Email and Registered Letter)
To: Honorable Minister

            I am trying to resolve a situation which appears to be worsening with time. Due to the Supreme Courts ruling on who actually is in charge of the CF, I am writing to you to cover all bases. In the letter excerpt below, If you could Replace Governor General with MND, then I will have requested the same information from you. The following Departments have been contacted and either no assistance was forthcoming or it was stated as the wrong department. They are: DND Privacy, VAC, VAC Ombudsman (enclosed below), the Justice Department and the Governor General. I trust your office will have better luck finding where these documents were stored and why they were not forwarded to VAC. General Baril was the signatory on his own letter to me and BGen Brando was the signatory on the Queens document.

The Governor General of Canada has been contacted by me. I asked him to look into this situation. He is by default the Commander and Chief of the Canadian Military and, the Queen's Representative. I sent an email to the Governor General in March. I was responded to almost immediately by his office. My email was to be passed to the Communications Department. This location is where the email did go, didn't go, or no one knows because no one seems to know about this email.

Luckily, not having just fallen off the "Apple Cart", I anticipated this behavior. I waited for a reasonable period of time (2 months) and as suspected, received nothing.

I called the Office of the Governor General and asked about the email I sent. The same one that they responded to. They indicated no such email or response was ever received or responded to. Funny because this was the reason why I wrote to the GG in the first place. I wrote to him, asking him to look into DND losing a letter sent to me from the CDS and one from the Queen, which had somehow gone missing.

Getting back to me not falling off the "Apple Cart", I had sent a Registered Letter to the Governor General, just in case this unusual situation might occur. Unusual you say? More like the norm.

They still said that they had no record of any correspondence from me. Bummer about the Registered Letter, signed for by B. Benammar.

The office will as before, get back to me. Please excuse me if I don't hold my breath on this one because, I am a Veteran with serious concerns and he is the Commander and Chief of the Canadian Military. Between himself and the Privacy Commission, who was asked about the same missing letters, somebody should know something about something.

It is funny. As a Veteran, the Commander and Chief didn't mind putting my life on the line following orders and going into war zones on behalf of Canada. I was not afraid. Is he afraid to answer some straight up questions from a Veteran? So far, it appears to be the case.

We Wait, Sir.

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