Thursday, 21 June 2012

I'm Going to Ask The Toronto Star - Anything Changed?

While I am waiting for a response from the: MND, Governor General, Justice Department and Privacy Commission, I thought I should review our history on the subjects at hand and see if we have learned anything.    SADLY NOT!!

The Toronto Star - Allan Thompson Page A6  26 May 1998

OTTAWA - The defense department may have to call in the RCMP to investigate the way military police have dealt with allegations of sexual misconduct, Chief of Defense Staff Gen <Maurice Baril says "We've got to make sure that the chain of command from me, right down to the corporal - anybody who has a supervisory role - that we don't tolerate what's going on

In the wake of further reports of sexual harassment, abuse and cover-up in the military, Baril said in an interview yesterday he is hopeful the military can mend itself

But Baril said he wouldn't hesitate to call in the RCMP to look into allegations.....

....POSSIBLE INTERFERENCE "What I'm worried about is terrorizing people not to say anything, or an investigation that was interfered (with) by the chain of command. And again, it could be a very low-ranking person that has interfered," Baril said

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