Monday, 4 June 2012

My Ever Helpful Conservative MP Rick Norlock of Hastings (Trenton)

I realize that neither you nor your office has helped me in any way. I gave you all the information you required to help but chose to do nothing. Trenton, Ontario is a military town. I am a Veteran. We have lots of friends that are helping. We will have no trouble listing all the assistance you have given. It does entail the grand sum total of....NOTHING!!!

Equitas Society – June 2012 Update

The Equitas Society: formed in September 2011 to provide the legal disbursement costs for an intended law suit to be conducted, pro bono, by the law firm Miller Thomson LLP to challenge the 2006 New Veterans Charter and the reduced disability benefits this new Act provides compared to the previous soldiers’ Pension Act, or provincial worker compensation programs.

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Captain (R) Michael I. Cole, CD1
TWITTER: Michael Cole @michaelthebobs1

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