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Our Meeting On Parliament Hill 06 Jun 2012 Veterans

9:26 PM

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Michael Cole
To Peter Stoffer/Holley Brown NDP, Peter Stoffer/Holley Brown


Sir; My name is Michael Cole. We spoke at the Hill about my case of document cover-up. Full details are on my Blog with actual documents. My claim for benefits was delayed for an extended period of time because BPA said it was too hot to handle. I had to appeal the VAC decision myself.

Through my research I discovered important documents proving a portion of my claim were deemed non-existent. I kept my copies. The documents that just happened to go missing were a letter from the CDS directly to me with CC copies to the Base Commander in Trenton among others and an Agreement between myself and the Government of Canada on Behalf of the Queen.

Historical documents like these do not go missing. The response from DND, DND privacy and the Privacy Commission state: THESE DOCUMENTS DO NOT EXIST. VAC Ombudsman's Office has sent me a letter saying they are unconcerned and it is nothing to do with VAC. They told me to contact the Government of Canada general switchboard to find out who would help me. SAD.

Formal Complaint sent to GG in March 2012. Receipt confirmed. Registered letter sent to GG received early May 2012. I requested the GG get involved since he is Commander and Chief of the CF and the Queens Rep. He alone is the next chain of command to get this situation looked into.

Captain (R) Michael I. Cole, CD1
TWITTER: Michael Cole @michaelthebobs1

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