Sunday, 17 June 2012

For the Public - An Actual Case Example

So you say, VAC and DND are separate?

I feel like I work for Ripplies," Believe it or Not!" Sadly though, what I will write here in clear terms so you can understand, the problems facing a Veteran in an actual ongoing case:

I will give you a time line and feeling of the atmosphere on a Military Base at the beginning of this Veterans situation and subsequent case.

It was the late 1990's, at Canadian Forces Base Trenton, Ontario. One aircrew member recently took an axe to his wife, as I recall and then hung himself. Fernette I think was his name. A pilot, Steve Kovacks committed suicide a few months later. His wife was several months pregnant at the time. As I remember it, the pilot, Steve was involved in a situation while away from the Base. He was cleared to go back flying but, there was to be another investigation. The reason or nature of this investigation, unknown to me officially.

In the midst of all of this death on the Base in Trenton, this individual thought it would be a nice idea to start a fund raising event. This person worked very hard using their own time and money to promote the idea. It was to help struggling military families and the orphans in Bosnia.

The Base Commander at Trenton, decided that he was against this charitable idea and let the military member who was trying to do this kind thing, know it. The military member, believing strongly in the goodness of the idea continued on anyway. Shortly thereafter, this person perceived that their job and future possibilities for advancement, were being undermined by the Base Commander. This was the same Base Commander who didn't think a charity was a good idea.

Having these concerns, this military member went to their supervisor and tried to have the situation resolved at the lowest level. No luck with this course of action, so this person submitted a Formal Harassment Complaint against the Base Commander at Canadian Forces Base in Trenton, Ontario. (the same one Russ Williams was from and was also the Base Commander of).

IAW (in accordance with) CFAO (Canadian Forces Administrative Orders) 19-39, the military person hand delivered the Formal Harassment Complaint to the CO (Commanding Officer of 437 Squadron Trenton) for delivery to the next highest rank above that of the Base Commander (who is a Colonel), the BGen (Brigadier General) at the Base in Trenton at this time. The BGen, minuted the Formal Complaint back to the  Base Commander so that he could deal with it at his level. He indicated that if this was not possible, to hand the Formal Complaint back to him for investigation, IAW CFAO 19-39.

The Base Commander decided himself, that he would not have someone of a higher rank investigate him so, he decided to make himself the judge of this Formal Complaint against himself. The Base Commander hired his own Base Administrative Officer (the professional in the proper handling of Harassment Complaints) to do the investigation.

Now we have all seen the news about Russ Williams. Base Commanders are in charge of the: Hospital, Police, Administrators, Squadrons and so on. This person who put in a Formal Harassment Complaint against the Base Commander of Canadian Forces Base Trenton. IAW Orders as written, now has the accused as the Judge, in contravention of the orders. The investigator is a Major, trained in the proper handling of Harassment Complaints, agreeing to do the investigation, in contravention of the orders. The members Commanding Officer, knowing the situation, did nothing to help, in contravention of the orders. Not one single Officer on the Base in Trenton would help this person as required by the orders as written in CFAO 19-39.

The Base Commander found himself, NOT GUILTY!!!

The military member was subsequently transferred to Canadian Forces Base Kingston. The Formal Complaint, and it's handling was brought forward to Land Forces Command. No assistance was forthcoming.

So just in summary, no Officer of any rank, at any time assisted this military person. Why? Everyone was fearful. If these Senior Officers can do this then, what would they do to you if you stepped in to help? Everyone this person could have gone to worked for the Base Commander who was not IAW Orders. Not the Doctors. Not the Social Workers. Definitely not the Base Administrative Officer (doing the investigation)

Remember I asked are VAC and DND separate? Let me put them together for you so you understand exactly how it is done.

VAC asks DND for paperwork regarding this person because a claim has been filed alleging:: Generalized Anxiety, PTSD and Alcohol Abuse Disorder caused by the situation detailed above. DND comes back and says that there is no substantiation in writing. Nothing from the Military Doctors. Nothing from the Military Social Workers. Nothing from the Base Administration Officer so therefore, CASE DENIED!!!

Of course there is nothing to be found, no one would help. Where exactly......VETERANS AFFAIRS....... was this person supposed to go when the corruption is so prevalent and unchecked that now the only one left to pay is the Veteran. Shame. Shame on you all. This is far from over. The truth will come out. All the documents and tapes are hidden away and can't be lost or destroyed now.

DIGNITY   HONESTY   INTEGRITY   LOYALTY   RESPECT will not be the victims here!

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